Why We Should Celebrate -- And Invest In -- America's Best Community Colleges” Forbes, 2019

Pathways: Removing Barriers

A presentation given by Laurel Williamson on 1/7/2019

Pathways Initiative

San Jacinto College is one of 30 institutions participating in the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Pathways Initiative to create an infrastructure that promotes the successful completion of student educational goals.

Pathways Vision

A student should never fail because of a barrier we overlooked or unintentionally created.

Pathways Goal

We work together to create a student-ready college that promotes completion of student educational goals through well-defined pathways and customer-service focused support.

Pathways Scope

•Every part of the College will be engaged in analyzing and redesigning more efficient and effective pathways for students.
•All areas of the College will remove student barriers in and out of the classroom!
•Includes instructional delivery, curriculum, general education within programs, website, advising, business office, financial aid, facilities, marketing, professional development, human resources, IT, budgets, operational systems and processes.
•There will be a mapping team for each Transfer/Career path and for each support area. 
•The project will last 2-3 years, with phased implementation.

Printable Pathways Wheel PDF

Pathways Wheel