Policy V.5000.A, Auditing Courses

Policy V.5000.A, Auditing Courses

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This policy informs students of the ability to audit a course and recognizes that there are specific requirements set forth by the San Jacinto College that a student must meet in order to audit a course.


San Jacinto College supports students who wish to audit a course.  Specific conditions must be met in order for students to be eligible or approved to audit a course.  Requirements exist prior to a student being eligible to audit a course and certain requirements exist after a student has become eligible for auditing a course.  Students who have an interest in auditing a course are encouraged to visit the Admissions Office on a campus.  For more detailed information including requirements to audit a course, refer to the College Catalog or College website.

The Authority, Applicability, Sanctions, Exclusions, and Interpretation do not differ from Policy II.2000.A, Policy and Procedures Development, Review, Revision, and Rescission.


Audit a Course: The ability to take a course without the benefit of receiving a grade or credit for the course.

Associated Procedures

Procedure V.5000.A.a, Auditing Courses

Date of Board Approval

October 1, 2018

Effective Date

October 2, 2018

Primary Owner

Deputy Chancellor and College President

Secondary Owner

Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services