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Policy VI-G: Policy on Semester Reports

The final examination schedule will be announced by the Vice President of Instruction on each campus approximately two weeks before the end of the semester.

In order to complete his or her work for the semester, the instructor should:

  1. Submit grade sheets to the Registrar.
  2. Submit semester gradebooks to the department or division chairman.
  3. Turn in keys to the appropriate office.
  4. File all exhibits of work of students with the department or division chairman. These include copies (two good, two average, two poor) of all exams and a project.


Policy #:


Policy Name:

 Policy on Semester Reports



Adopted Date:

 March 2, 1981

Revision/Reviewed Date:


Effective Date:

 March 2, 1981

Associated Procedure:

6-1-a, 6-1-b, 6-1-c, 6-1-d, 6-1-e, 6-1-f, 6-1-g