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Policy VI-R: Policy on Enrollment in San Jacinto College Children's Center

Children in a parent child relationship with currently enrolled students and currently employed staff, faculty and administrators are eligible and have priority for initial enrollment in the Children's Centers within the district. Other children not meeting one of these criteria may be initially enrolled on a first-come first-served basis only if space is available. Children may be placed on a waiting list for notification of future vacancies.

Enrollment in the Children's Center reserves a child's place for one semester or the remaining portion thereof; Fall, Spring, or Summer. Children, who are currently enrolled, regardless of the employment or student status of the parent, have first priority to re-enroll for the subsequent semester.

Policy #:


Policy Name:

 Policy on Enrollment in San Jacinto College Children's Center



Adopted Date:

 March 5, 1984

Revision/Reviewed Date:

 May 2, 1994

Effective Date:

 March 5, 1984; May 2, 1994 and March 5, 2001

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