Procedure 2-7: Physical Plant

Procedure 2-7: Physical Plant

The goal of the Physical Plant (Maintenance) is to maintain and keep all San Jacinto College systems in good repair, to keep the College community comfortable, safe, and a beautiful place to work. It also responds to the needs of our campuses quickly and efficiently. In 2012 the Maintenance department processed more than 12,000 work orders throughout the district.

To streamline and keep up with a vast multi-campus workload, Maintenance must prioritize and schedule non-emergency work requests to efficiently serve the needs of every requestor in a timely and orderly manner.

Non-Emergency Requests

All maintenance requests are submitted via email at When a request is submitted, the work order system will send requestors a confirmation email notifying them that the order has been received.

When making a maintenance request, remember to supply the requestor’s name and contact phone number, which campus, building, room number or general area, and a brief but detailed description of what is needed. Requests should be need specific and not include more than one craft on one request (ex.: requesting a plumber and an electrician on the same order). Separate detailed orders must be submitted.

The work order system will notify the originator when the work order has been completed.

Requests that require set up or heat/air for an event should be submitted at least three days prior to your scheduled event. The sooner maintenance is notified of a planned event, the better their response can be.

Work requests without sufficient data to process properly will be rejected and sent back to the requestor stating the reasons of its rejection. If this occurs, add the requested information needed to complete the order and reply to the email from maintenance. 

Additionally, if changes need to be made to a request the originator may resubmit the changes before the original work order has been fulfilled. Please make note that you are making changes to a previous order and maintenance will update the original request to reflect the change order. The requestor will receive an additional email reflecting the request and confirmation of the change order.

Available maintenance crafts and services:

Carpenter, painter, custodial, pest control, electrician, courier, landscaping, HVAC, room setup, locksmith, and building repairs

Emergency Requests

Emergency requests, such as power outages, large water leaks, natural gas smells, chemical spills or other items needing immediate attention on campus can be addressed to:

Campus Extension
North 7105
Central 1854
South 3411

After hours/ weekends: 281-476-1820

On-Campus via office phone: 5555

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 Physical Plant



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