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Procedure 4-8-i: Unscheduled Holidays

There are instances when the College administration will close the District due to inclement weather, extending a holiday, power failure or other instances. Following are payroll issues regarding these unscheduled holidays:

Part-time hourly employees are paid for hours worked. Their hours should never be projected in the future. If these employees do not work on the unscheduled holiday they do not get paid.

Adjunct faculty who were scheduled to teach on the unscheduled holiday will be paid for their assigned classes. Absences for any other reason (personal business, illness, court appearances) will result in docked pay.

Full-time faculty who were scheduled to teach an overload class on the unscheduled holiday, will be paid for their assigned overload.

Full-time staff who were required to work the unscheduled holiday (maintenance, police, etc.) will be paid straight time for hours worked, up to 40 hours and time and one-half for hours over 40.

Employees who were sick, on vacation, on personal business, or off work on comp time, are treated like everyone else, they are not charged for the unscheduled holiday.

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 Unscheduled Holidays



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