Procedure 5-15: Professional Publishing

Procedure 5-15: Professional Publishing

The procedures to be followed concerning faculty publications of books are as follows:

  • As a part of their duties, faculty members will prepare class syllabi, as needed, without additional salary, honorarium or royalty.
  • The district will pay an honorarium for appropriate books and other scholarly accomplishments including poetry, short stories, music and/or articles published, choreography performed and art shown at galleries.
  • A district-wide honorarium review committee composed of faculty will review books, laboratory manuals and other scholarly accomplishments submitted to The San Jacinto College District for a possible honorarium.
  • The district can publish any textbook it desires, and will do so only through a written contract with the author.
  • The district will pay a royalty to authors of books the college chooses to publish. The amount of the royalty is to be mutually agreed upon.
  • The district will pay no honorarium to any author to which it pays a royalty.
  • The college bookstore will make no private arrangements with individuals to distribute unauthorized textbooks or syllabi.

The following definitions are offered for the purpose of clarification:

  • The textbook is the primary source of information for a given course. Textbooks are selected by the faculty and approved by the campus vice-president of instruction.
  • Syllabus is an outline of subject matter to be taught according to a specified time schedule. The syllabus lists textbooks and other materials, weekly assignments, course objects and bibliographies, and it summarizes evaluation methods.
  • Honorarium is a financial remuneration awarded by the Board of Trustees to full-time employees for the authorship of a book or textbook published by a commercial publisher other than the college and for other scholarly accomplishments. The honorarium is awarded to the author or authors of a book or textbook that relates to instruction, education or the author or authors' professional field of study or research. Where books or textbooks are co-authored, the honorarium is divided equally among the authors and paid only to San Jacinto College employees. An honorarium of $500 is paid for books and $250 for laboratory manuals, workbooks and study guides. A honorarium $50 is paid for the publication of poetry, $100 for the publication of a short story, $100 for the articles published, $250 for plays published, $250 for choreography performed and up to $500 for art shown at art galleries during the employees tenure at the college.
  • Royalty is a percentage of sales earned by the author or authors of books or textbooks published by The San Jacinto College District. Royalties are awarded under terms of a written contractual agreement between the college district as publisher and an author or authors.


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