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Procedure 5-2: Faculty Salary

Faculty salaries are based on the salary schedule adopted by the Board of Regents and published annually by the Human Resources Office. Salaries are based on the faculty member's education level as follows:

  • Bachelor's or equivalent
  • Master's degree
  • Master's degree plus 18 graduate hours
  • Master's degree plus 36 graduate hours
  • All but the dissertation
  • Earned Doctorate

Adjustments to faculty salaries due to a change in education level are made two times per academic year, at the beginning of the fall semester and spring semester, according to payroll deadlines. Faculty may receive credit for graduate level coursework, completed above the Master's degree in accordance with the applicable provisions below:

  • Faculty desiring to qualify certain course work for salary increments must submit a completed a Course Work Approval Form to the Provost, preferably in advance of enrollment. Faculty must also arrange for official transcripts verifying completion of qualified course work to be sent to the Human Resources Office, as applicable.
  • Faculty may receive credit towards salary increments for up to 36 graduate semester hours above the masters degree in the teaching field without verifying that the course work is applicable toward a doctorate degree.
  • A faculty member may receive credit toward salary increments for graduate credits above the masters degree but out of the teaching field, provided that (a) the course work is in a related field, and (b) there is no graduate course work practically available in the teaching field. Credit for salary increments under this provision will be made up to and including the earned doctorate.
  • Documentation verifying the applicability of all course work for hours in excess of the 36 graduate hours above the masters degree must be submitted to and approved by the Vice President of Instruction in order for the course work to qualify for salary increments. A degree plan from the institution attended will satisfy this requirement.
  • All credit applicable toward salary increments must be earned from regionally accredited, degree granting institutions of post-secondary education in the United States and its outlying areas which meet the traditional U.S. Department of Education eligibility requirements. Degrees or courses from foreign institutions may be accepted on a case by case basis and must be evaluated by a recognized credential evaluation agency.

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