Procedure IV.4003.E.a, Employee Referral Program

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Policy IV.4003.E, Employee Referral Program


This procedure specifies the process of the Employee Referral Program.

A current San Jacinto College full-time employee who has been identified by a candidate in the applicant tracking system may be eligible for a referral payment. The external candidate must indicate the employee's name in the appropriate section of the application at the time of original submission, be hired by the College, and meet eligibility criteria further outlined in this procedure.

There is no limit to how many applicants an employee can refer.


A. Open positions will be designated in one of the following categories for the Employee Referral Program:

Group 1 All full-time exempt and non-exempt positions.

Group 2 All full-time positions that meet the criteria for Group 2 will be identified by the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT).

Group 3 Positions that are approved by the Chancellor for higher payment amounts.

The payment amount for referrals in each group are as follows:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
$1,000.00 $3,000.00 Determined by the Chancellor


B. Positions designated as Group 2 have two or more of the following criteria:

- Low availability of qualified candidates due to recognized labor shortage.

- Growth expansion and/or departmental reorganization with specified hiring timelines and skill set requirements.

- Shortened timeline to fill due to varying circumstances.

- Use of available recruitment strategies and sourcing tools have not yielded sufficient results.

C. The following eligibility requirements will be reviewed by Human Resources when referrals are submitted through the application process:

- The referring individual is a current and active College full-time employee, or on authorized leave at the time the referred candidate completed their employment application and when payments are due.

- The referred candidate has not been employed by the College in any capacity for the twelve months prior to the day of completing their employment application.

D. Group 1 will be paid the pay period after the completion of 90 days of employment. Groups 2 and 3 will be paid one-half of the determined amount the pay period following completion of 90 days of employment. The remaining one-half will be paid the pay period following completion of one year of employment.

E. All payment amounts outlined in this procedure are subject to applicable tax withholdings. 

F. This procedure does not apply to current employees applying for internal transfers within the College.

G. Payments will be forfeited if all eligibility requirements are not met at the time payment is due.

H. To be eligible to receive payment for a referral, the referred candidate must be interviewed, selected, and hired by the College. Providing a referral for a candidate is not a guarantee that the individual will receive an interview or be extended an offer of employment with the College.

Employees Not Eligible for the Employee Referral Program:

- Members of the Strategic Leadership Team.

- Employees in a leadership position within the same leadership chain (up to the SLT member) of the vacancy.

- Employees within the Human Resources Department.

- Employees participating on the interview committee for the position in which the candidate applied. 

- Part-time employees.

- Paid interns.


Date of SLT Approval

March 3, 2022

Effective Date

March 7, 2022

Associated Policy

Policy IV.4003.E, Employee Referral Program

Primary Owner of Policy Associated with the Procedure

Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, Organizational and Talent Effectiveness

Secondary Owner of Policy Associated with the Procedure

Vice President, Human Resources