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Procedure VI.6000.B.a, Confidentiality of Student Records

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Associated Policy

Policy VI.6000.B, Policy on Confidentiality of Student Records


San Jacinto College has developed processes for maintaining the confidentiality of student records.  Prospective and current students interested in learning more about the types of student records maintained by the College, the federal and state legislative mandates regarding student records, the defined terms associated with student records, and the guidelines by which student records can be reviewed and released, should refer to the College Catalog or the website for more information.

Date of SLT Approval

September 26, 2018

Effective Date

November 6, 2018

Associated Policy

Policy VI.6000.B, Confidentiality of Student Records

Primary Owner of Policy Associated with the Procedure

Deputy Chancellor and College President

Secondary Owner of Policy Associated with the Procedure

Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services