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Procedure VI.6004.B.a, Student Conduct and Discipline

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Policy VI.6004.B, Student Conduct & Discipline


San Jacinto College publishes clear and specific standards of student conduct considered essential to protect and preserve the educational purpose, scholastic integrity, and facilities of the College. These standards are found in the Student Handbook.  The standards assure timely disposition of allegations of misconduct, procedural fairness, and due process.  Procedural safeguards shall be observed so as to protect students from unfair imposition of arbitrary or capricious penalties and shall further assure that students charged with misconduct are informed of the nature of the charges and are given an opportunity to appeal decisions affecting their status with the College.

Students should refer to the Code of Student Conduct in the Student Handbook for specific processes on reporting violations of the code of student conduct and information about the related investigative, hearing, and appeal processes.  Interested parties should refer to the complaint procedures found in the Student Handbook that relate to definitions, reporting processes, and appeal rights for complaints regarding general complaints, discriminatory harassment complaints, and sexual misconduct complaints.  Students and staff are encouraged to report complaints online. Additionally, students and other interested parties should refer to the respective instructional area handbooks or manuals that state clear standards and processes regarding student conduct for specific instructional programs.

Date of SLT Approval

June 28, 2018

Effective Date

August 7, 2018

Associated Policy

Policy VI.6004.B, Student Conduct & Discipline


Primary Owner of Policy Associated with the Procedure

Deputy Chancellor and President


Secondary Owner of Policy Associated with the Procedure

Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services