Program Information

If you have an ear for perfection, San Jacinto College can help you get started down the road to a career as a recording or sound reinforcement engineer. Musicians, singers, actors, announcers, and public speakers spend their entire careers trying to sound their best, and audio engineers are their most important allies in accomplishing this goal. San Jacinto College gives you hands-on training in recording, mixing, and special effects processing, along with a curriculum of music instruction. Master your skills here, and you’ll go far!

The San Jacinto College audio engineering curriculum:

  • Is designed for students seeking careers as sound recording or sound reinforcement engineers;
  • Emphasizes the theory and hands-on application of recording, mixing, and effects-processing equipment; and
  • Requires musical proficiency and an understanding of business and music business systems.

Additional Information

San Jacinto College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Music Recording or Live Sound Reinforcement,  a Certificate of Technology in Techniques of Audio Engineering, and  an Occupational Certificate in Sound Recording.  

Graduates of this program have become professionals working in:

  • Recording studios,       
  • Television and radio stations,
  • Convention centers and event venues,
  • Hotels, and
  • Churches.

Earning Potential

Broadcast Technician Median Salary: $36,9901

Sound Engineering Technician Median Salary: $39,1201

For more information contact Lynne Brandt, Department Chair, 281-476-1831.


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