The field of autonomous automobiles is expanding rapidly, and companies need Junior (Jr.) Fleet Technicians to keep up with the demand. Autonomous vehicles are capable of sensing their environment and operating without human involvement. Many companies are producing these machines to replace conventional vehicles, which has created a demand for skilled technicians.

You will learn hands on how to service and manage autonomous vehicles. At San Jac, you’ll study the industry standard, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), which will make you eligible for employment and a desired candidate at any automotive facility.

The one-year certificate requires completion of 37 credit hours and includes:

  •  Lectures and in-class demonstrations, along with practice lab skill sets, which will help you train to transition into the workforce.
  • The opportunity to work in the automotive field while attending school in the Earn While You Learn program.
  • Theory of operation, component identification, and diagnostic procedures, all of which helps develop the mental skills needed to properly diagnose issues along with better preparation for passing the ASE exams.
  • Hands-on training needed for real-world experience.


Program at a Glance

Career Opportunities

You will be qualified to work as a Junior (Jr.) Fleet Technician at auto shops, dealerships, or service centers.


Earning Potential

The career path is typically Fleet Support Specialist, Fleet Technician, and Operations Supervisor.

Starting salary is approximately $37,440/year + eligible for bonus. (Source: Nuro)


 Central Campus


Have Questions?

For more information, reach out to our faculty and staff.

Tommy Hendricks
Program Coordinator
281-998-6350, ext. 1150

Kay Richardson
Department Chair