Construction Management Technology

Program Information

Were you born with a take-charge attitude and a passion for building? Are you a natural-born leader with an interest in commercial and industrial planning? If so, then a career in construction management may be the right path for you.

The San Jacinto College Construction Management program:

  • Is designed to prepare graduates in the field of commercial and industrial construction management. Graduates will assist in the planning, direction, and coordination of activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of commercial and industrial structures and facilities;
  • Allows students to participate in the conceptual development and organization of a construction project, pricing and procurement, cost scheduling, and the overseeing of its organization, estimating, scheduling, and the implementation of the project; and
  • Offers courses covering material familiarization, specialized construction fields such as civil, carpentry, mechanical, piping and plumbing systems, electrical/electronic, building envelopes, legal contracts, codes, permit processes, and state identities with an understanding of the green elements of each.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of San Jacinto College’s Construction Management program have the opportunity to work as:

  • Project managers,
  • Superintendents,
  • Estimators,
  • Assistant project managers,
  • Assistant superintendents,
  • Project engineers,
  • Field engineers, and
  • Safety engineers.

As Houston continues to grow, the construction management job outlook remains positive. The Gulf Coast area is expected to add an estimated 1,970 construction manager positions annually through 2022.1

Earning Potential

Construction manager median salary: $91,986 per year 1

For more information, students may contact 281-998-6150, x7765.


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