Enter the Field of Economic Analysis

Are you interested in the functionality and fluctuation of economic systems? An associate degree from San Jacinto College can prepare you for a career in analyzing the construction, behavior and influencing factors of today’s numerous economic environments.

Students will study microeconomics, which involves the analysis of the behavior of individual economic agents, including consumer behavior and demand, and producer behavior and supply, along with macroeconomics, which surveys contemporary economic problems, including the concepts of national income and economic growth, determinants of aggregate demand and supply, business cycles, stabilization policies, and international economics.

Career Opportunities

Students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree pathway in economics will be prepared for careers as economists in both the private and government sectors. Economists in the Texas Gulf Coast region can earn an annual media salary of $148,734* in careers such as:

  • Behavioral economists
  • Econometricians
  • Financial economists
  • Industrial organization economists
  • International economists
  • Labor economists
  • Macroeconomists  
  • Monetary economists
  • Microeconomists

*Source: www.texaswages.com, 2016 annual median salaries for Gulf Coast region