Program Information

Has anyone ever called you tech-savvy? Are you passionate about technology? Do you find it thrilling that our computers, communications, databases, security systems, personal and corporate connectivity, and information networks are all intricately intertwined into a finely woven net that envelops the planet? If so, a degree in electronics technology is right for you. The San Jacinto College electronics technology program prepares you to work in electronics, industrial computing, VOIP switching, phone PBX, and a variety of other computer-related fields. With technology moving faster than ever, one thing is for certain: If you know computer electronics, your skills are in high demand!

The San Jacinto College computer electronics technology curriculum provides:

  • Basic training for entry-level jobs in a variety of occupations in the field of electronics, telecommunications, automation, sensors, and computer engineering technology;
  • A great foundation in the principles of electronics with an emphasis on digital electronics and computers; and
  • A great training ground in advanced microprocessor applications and basic automation and robotics.

Additional Information

Graduates of this program should be capable of completing technical assignments in the fields of digital electronics, analog electronics, communications, and computer maintenance. The computer maintenance components of this program conform to the A+ and Net+ certification guidelines.

Career Opportunities

With an associate degree in electronics technology, students can expect the following job opportunities:

  • Electronics technicians,
  • Field engineers,
  • Support specialists,
  • Medical equipment repair and calibration technicians,
  • Oilfield electronics technicians,
  • Computer networking technicians,
  • Entertainment equipment repair technicians, and
  • Simulator repair technicians.

Earning Potential

Electrical and electronics engineering technician median salary: $62,968 per year 1

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