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Shifting economic conditions, breakthrough technologies, and a highly opportunistic business environment have led to a vast resurgence of the startup business. Entrepreneurs abound, and those with the most well-rounded business management skills are best poised for success. At San Jacinto College, you will learn principles vital to the formation, organization, leadership, and control of your own business, such as market analysis, problem solving, planning, staffing, purchasing, marketing, communication, and workforce management. At San Jacinto College, you will write a business plan and develop tactics for putting your plan into action at your own company.

The San Jacinto College Small Business Entrepreneurship Program:

  • Helps students develop leadership and management skills by providing a basis in analysis and problem solving and an understanding of managing human behavior and resources;
  • Places an emphasis on planning, organizing, staffing, and leading through effective communication techniques for roles in purchasing, production control, and marketing; and
  • Covers leadership, ethics, and organizational development and helps to focus your thinking about successful methods for operating your business.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program are prepared to start their own business of almost any type, such as retail, wholesale, and manufacturing. In addition to preparing the individual for entry into company ownership, the program can enhance the skills of those who are already in business for themselves but wish to increase their knowledge and effectiveness in operating their own companies.

For more information, students may contact 281-998-6150.


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