Program Information

As machines continue to evolve in digital sophistication, intricately connected and operated by complex control systems, instrument technicians have become indispensable to keeping the wheels of industry turning. Working in a comprehensive industrial computer control lab, students learn how to install, maintain, and troubleshoot intelligent integrated control systems, developing skills highly sought after in chemical plants, refineries, pipeline companies, power plants, water treatment facilities, all types of manufacturing plants, and many more businesses.

Career Opportunities

The primary focus of San Jacinto College’s Instrumentation Technology program is to provide the industry with high-quality, trainable, entry-level technicians. Our graduates will find employment in the following industries:

  • Chemical plants,
  • Oil refineries,
  • Oil exploration and production companies,
  • Cross-country pipeline companies,
  • Electrical power plants,
  • Municipal water treatment facilities,
  • Manufacturer field technician positions,
  • Instrumentation maintenance positions in large buildings or on campus-type facilities,
  • Manufacturing plants, and
  • Instrumentation sales.

For more information, students may contact 281-998-6150, x1352 or email


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