Thank you for considering our associate degree nursing (ADN) program! We are excited to help you achieve your dream of becoming a nurse.

Application Deadline

The fall 2021 application period has closed. The spring 2022 application period will be Aug. 2 - Oct. 8, 2021.

San Jacinto College offers ADN programs at the Central Campus and North Campus (extension site for Central).

Did you know our ADN program has produced great nurses for more than 50 years? Join this tradition of excellence by becoming a vital member of the health care community who started at San Jac. We have scholarships, grants, and other financial aid to help you along the way!

Ready to apply for the ADN program? We’ll break it down for you.


ADN Admission Steps

Apply for free to San Jac! Visit


  • Complete the ADN program application packet and upload all required documents to the online ADN Program Application. The program accepts applicants twice a year. Applications and due dates are below.
  • Have questions or want help with the process? Educational planners can help! Call 281-998-6350 ext. 1014 or 2317 to schedule an appointment. Or visit



  • Spring 2022 Fillable & Online Application is accessible via Hyper Link below:(available Aug. 2021 - October 8, 2021) 

Complete Your Application



Instructions for Online Application

You must complete the online application in one sitting. Have this information ready:

  • HESI A2 scores
  • Prerequisites (semester, year, grade, and college/university)
  • GPA (from college/university)
  • List of all universities attended (if applicable)

Note: The ADN department won’t process your application until we receive your HESI reports and all transcripts.

Instructions for Fillable Application

  • Application packet must include these documents:
    • Social Security card copy (front and back)
    • Texas driver’s license copy (front and back)
  • Make copies of all documents you submit. We won’t provide copies after you’ve turned in your application.
  • Place in an envelope/folder to submit.
  • Any prerequisites not completed before applying will not be used in the scoring rubric.


To be considered for admission and progression in the ADN program, you must pass a drug screen and background check. You must also have current immunizations (except flu shot), a CPR card, and a physical exam.

Required documents includes completing immunizations, physical, and drug screening.

CastleBranch is the document manager for the ADN department.

Get Started with CastleBranch:

  • Create an account at
  • Set up your profile and upload all documentation to this website.
  • All documents are due to CastleBranch by the last day of the ADN application period.
  • Use code NP76 for the Drug Test & Medical Document Manager.

See below for more details on documents to include.

  • Request your transcripts ASAP rather than waiting until the end of the application period. (If you are using a different name on your ADN application, please identify former names used while attending prior institutions.)
  • Transcripts must show a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.


  • You must take an official Nursing Admission Assessment Exam (HESI A2). You must earn a composite score of at least 75 percent and individual scores of at least 75 percent in all sections: reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, anatomy and physiology, and math.
  • Although required, the learning styles section is not used in determining admission.

Take HESI A2 Exam


  • Distance Testing Dates: 8/2/21 - 10/8/21
  • View PDF to learn more about exam.


  • 9/30/21 from 9 am-1 pm  -  Exam Session is Full
  • Learn More:
    • Exam Session is Full
    • Email Include your full name, San Jac G#, email, and date you want to sit for the exam.
    • Exams will be on a first-come, first-served basis. You must have a G# to test and can take the test only once. Your G# is assigned when you submit a general application to San Jac.

HESI A2 Exam Requirements:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Conclusions
  • Implications
  • Meaning-Word Use
  • Understanding
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary & Knowledge
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Math
  • Learning/Personality Style
  • Critical Thinking

You must earn a score of 75 percent or higher on all sections (except Learning/Personality Style and Critical Thinking).

Other schools besides San Jac offer the HESI exam. We will accept as long as they meet our requirements, listed above. We will accept exam results from up to three years ago. You must submit the results with your application (no emailed copies).


If you are accepted into the program, you must have completed all your immunizations (except the flu shot) by the acceptance date. You have a fast track/rapid series option for Hepatitis B, which reduces the wait between shots.

According to Texas Administrative Code Rule 97.64, students may not participate in coursework activities involving direct patient contact until they have received the full vaccination series.

San Jac partners with CastleBranch for immunization tracking. Applicants must submit immunizations to by the acceptance date.

CPR and immunization requirements include*:

  • CPR card from an American Heart Association Basic Life Support provider (online courses not accepted)
  • Varicella shot #1, #2, and a positive titer**
  • Hepatitis B series and a positive titer**
  • Hepatitis C negative titer
  • Or TWINRIX series and a positive titer
  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) #1, #2, and a positive titer**
  • Tdap (within last 10 years)
  • Current flu vaccine
  • TB skin test (within last 12 months)
  • Chest X-ray results (If applicable)

*Clinical affiliates may request additional components.

**Titers for Varicella, Hepatitis B, and MMR must be on file in the student’s record before the end of the first semester.


  • You must have a clear criminal background to be eligible for a nursing license.
  • If you have a criminal background, you must resolve the issue with the Texas Board of Nursing by submitting a Petition for Declaratory Order before enrollment. This process may take up to one year to complete, so start the process early. Learn more at
  • At the end of the application period, the nursing office will email qualified applicants with instructions to complete the criminal background check and drug screening through a designated company.
  • All applicants must show proof of clearance by either the “Blue Card” or “Outcome Letter.”


The ADN program accepts a limited number of students. Even if you meet minimum entry requirements, you are not guaranteed program admission.

Students are selected based on earning the highest scores on the admission scoring rubric. This rubric includes points for grades earned on prerequisite courses, HESI A2 results, overall GPA, and the completed admission packet.


After you are accepted in the program, you may register and pay for classes. Also, see below for additional requirements.

Submit physical exam results

  • The Blue Card and physical exam are required only after you are accepted into the program. You will receive information later in the process.
  • You must show physical and emotional fitness upon admission and throughout the program. These are subject to review by the ADN department, medical opinion, or policy of hospitals/agencies that serve as extended campus sites for clinicals.
  • You must pass a physical exam before starting your coursework. You may schedule the exam with a private physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant using the forms the ADN program provides. This exam must show you are physically fit to perform all requirements of direct patient care and are free from communicable diseases

Personal Health Insurance

You must have health insurance when you are accepted into the ADN program -- without any lapses during the program. The Gold Card does not count as health insurance.

San Jacinto College doesn’t participate in a specific College-sponsored health insurance plan. Health insurance is available through private companies. You should study the terms of any policy before buying any coverage. We are sharing these providers as a resource only, not endorsing them:

Student Health Plans:

Personal Property Insurance:

Code of conduct

  • All ADN students should maintain the highest personal and professional standards of conduct in class and in clinicals, according to College policies and procedures, the College student handbook, the ADN student handbook, and clinical facility policies and procedures.
  • We don’t want to dismiss any students, but the department chair and/or nursing faculty will review any information indicating that a student is not maintaining these standards. This may result in a recommendation to the College for dismissal from the program.

Thank you again for considering our ADN program!