LVN/Paramedic to ADN Transition

Are you a highly-skilled, licensed vocational nurse, or licensed paramedic, ready to advance your career? Look no further than our challenging, fast-track program for experienced health care providers.

Spring 2024 Application Period: July 1-September 15, 2023


For ADN Transition Program Information, scroll to the blue boxes at the bottom of the page. 

Virtual Information Sessions and Virtually Proctored HESI A2 Exams  Coming soon - June 2023, Dates TBA

The LVN/Paramedic to ADN transition program at the South Campus prepares you to earn your associate degree in nursing and sit for licensure as a registered nurse, or RN. The ADN Transition program is competitive and selection into the program is by acceptance only. Our accredited curriculum prepares you to graduate with an Associate's degree, and successfully pass the NCLEX-RN on your first attempt, earning your license as an RN.

Students enrolling in San Jacinto College programs with external learning experiences (i.e., clinical, practicum, externship, cooperative, etc.) will be required to comply with the immunization requirements and policies of the clinical/external learning sites to engage in all clinical/external learning experiences. Vaccination requirements at clinical/external learning sites are implemented pursuant to the independent authority of such facilities and are not mandated by San Jacinto College. Failure to meet the immunization requirements mandated by clinical/external learning sites may limit a student’s ability to complete the program and/or may delay the student’s graduation date. San Jacinto College does not process exemptions, and students should address potential vaccination exemptions directly with the clinical/external learning site.  

Is this program for you?
Are you flexible? Technology-driven? After 30 credit hours of academic prerequisites, this fast-track program will prepare you to face the challenges of…

  • Next-level critical thinking skills
  • Confidence building in student learning outcomes
  • Management expectations in advanced nursing performance

Choosing to pursue a career as a Registered Nurse?

Do you maintain a healthy work/life balance and have excellent time management skills?

To succeed in your investment in your education, we offer classes face-to-face on campus, approximately 3-4 days per week, including clinical rotations. Clinical assignments are scheduled in cooperation with affiliated partners, subject to change, and based on limited site availability. Professionalism, flexibility, and adaptability will assist you as you advance your skills in all areas of training.


 Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Applied Science

Are you an LVN or a certified paramedic who wants to become an RN? This program — four semesters, including one summer term — will get you there.

60 credit hours

Program Info

 South Campus

Serving students in Southeast Houston, Pearland, Clear Lake, Webster, Friendswood, and surrounding communities.


The ADN transition program is approved by the:

Texas Board of Nursing

1801 Congress Ave

Suite 10-200

Austin, TX 78701

(512) 305-7400

(512) 305-7401 (Fax)

and accredited by the:

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
(404) 975-5000

Application Information and Deadlines

Step 1: Meet with a Program Advisor

Step 2: Submit a general application to San Jacinto if a new or returning student

Step 3: Review Program and Application Information - Click on each link below:


Step 4: Take the HESI A2 Entrance Exam - Exam window has closed, as of 4/13. Score reports are available at


Note: To select correct enrollment, enter "Elsevier - HESI" under Institution:


Pre-Exam Day:

  • You are invited to schedule your virtually proctored exam at your own time, on your own schedule, and in your own environment.
  • Please test equipment prior to exams, by downloading the Chrome or Firefox extension.
  • You are encouraged to watch the student experience video for what to expect during the four-hour exam window.


Requirements for the ADN Transition Program HESI A2 Entrance Exam by Elsevier:

  • Score reports are accepted from any institution.
  • Score reports are accepted within the past two years from the application period deadline.
  • Scores must be attached in PDF form.
  • Minimum required scores must be 75 % or higher in the following subjects:
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Vocabulary
    • Grammar
    • Math
    • Anatomy & Physiology 


Step 5: Apply following application packet

The application periods are twice per year, spring and fall. The ADN Transition program consists of four terms, completed consecutively through the calendar year. Each acceptance period is cohort-based, therefore classes must be taken in their entirety.

  • If you have questions about program requirements, prerequisites, transcripts, or application, please meet with an educational planner for academic advising or pathway planning (
  • You must check your current eligibility information and submit your complete application packet with all required documentation at the same time.
  • All uploads/attachments must be in PDF format. Click here for help!
  • Up to two prerequisite courses may be "in progress"  however incomplete courses will not be reflected in the score on the Admissions Rubric. Acceptance would be contingent on the submission of an updated official transcript required after final grades are posted.
  • You must have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA to apply.
  • All course grades must be a "C" or greater to be accepted as prerequisites for the program.
  • We do not accept outside institutions' RNSG courses.

  • Read more regarding the competitive eligibility requirements  Click here for the San Jacinto College ADN Nursing Program Rubric


Note: ADN Transition Program Admissions will not process your application until all documents are received in PDF form, including HESI A2, Transcripts, and GPS Report showing degree evaluation.


The application period is a process; selection is competitive and seating is limited. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. 


Step 6: Complete clinical requirements

  1. Compliance with current state licensure requirements as an LVN/LPN or Paramedic
  2. Basic Life Support (BLS) or ACLS CPR and AED Training for Healthcare Professionals Certificate card from American Heart Association (online courses not accepted)
  3. Current Immunizations/Titers:
  • Seasonal Flu (repeated each Fall season)
  • TDAP (within the last 10 years)
  • TB skin test or chest x-ray (within the last 12 months)
  • Titer showing proof of immunity to MMR (Must have all 3 components)
  • Titer showing proof of immunity to HEP B
  • Titer showing proof of immunity to Varicella
  • Titer showing negative screening for HEP C

Step 7: Upon acceptance into the program (approximately 4-6 weeks after application) 

  • Required purchase of CastleBranch medical document tracker purchase
  • Upload pdf documents of immunizations, titers, licensure, and CPR certification 
  • Physical Exam screening (official form sent from ADN Transition Department)
  • Health Insurance (except Medicaid for pregnancy only, or Harris County Gold Card)
  • Drug screening (partnered with Labcorp and initiated through CastleBranch purchase)
  • Criminal background check*


*Note: Effective Jan. 1, 1996, a person who has been convicted of a felony may be disqualified from obtaining licensure as an RN. After turning in your completed application, we may email you for further information. The process is then initiated through the CastleBranch package purchase. Further details are given after acceptance into the program. All applicants must show proof of clearance by either the Texas Board of Nursing “Blue Card” or “Outcome Letter.”


Step 8: Prepare for Orientation

Students are selected based on earning the highest scores on the admission scoring rubric. This rubric includes points for grades earned on prerequisite courses, HESI A2 results, and overall GPA.

  • Orientation is where you will learn more about expectations and how to prepare.
  • We ask that you bring questions to onboard from Administration, Faculty, and Staff.
  • Prepare for Uniform fitting and purchase of Nurse Supply Pack

Step 9: Attend Mandatory Orientation - Date TBA

  • We will distribute packets with more information on registration, books, supplies, and requirements.
  • Introduction to curriculum, clinical information, simulation/labs, ATI Testing package, resources, and strategies to assist you.


Information Sessions - Coming in July 2023!

Information sessions are optional and are not mandatory. Space is limited.

Please bring an Admission Application Information Packet and questions with you! 

*Face-to-face sessions are hosted at San Jacinto College South Campus at 13735 Beamer Rd.

Houston, TX 77089 Bldg, S-1, Room S-1.113, on the first floor, west wing near Atrium.

HESI A2 Entrance Exam - More Information Coming Soon

Program Outcomes:

Report Year

NCLEX RN Pass Rate

Report Year

Completion Rate

Report Year

Job Placement Rate



Fall 2020-Spring 2021


 2021 (For 2019-2020)




Fall 2019-Spring 2020


 2020 (For 2018-2019)




Fall 2018-Spring 2019


 2019 (For 2017-2018)




Fall 2017-Spring 2018


 2018 (For 2016-2017)




Fall 2016- Spring 2017


 2017 (For 2015-2016)



We encourage you to visit the Texas Board of Nursing website. It provides excellent information for students looking to obtain licensure or further their careers as nurses in Texas.

The ADN Transition program is a technical program, subject to change at any time, to meet the requirements of the Texas Board of Nursing and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.