If you like working with your hands, solving problems, and helping others, maybe a career as a plumber is right for you.  Plumbers install, maintain, and repair piping systems that supply water and gas as well as waste removal from homes and businesses.

Our plumbing program will teach you the different types of water supply systems, reading and sketching blueprints, plumbing codes, how to install and maintain plumbing piping and fixtures, and allow you to work with a variety of different tools and equipment.

A career in plumbing is perfect for those who like to see a project completed from beginning to end, work with little or no supervision and who want to stay abreast of the latest construction technology.

Complete the certificate in 1 semester (6 months).


Program at a Glance

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the Plumbing Technology Occupational Certificate graduates will be qualified to take a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) examination for a license as a tradesman plumber – limited license.

Graduates of the Plumbing Technology Occupational Certificate have the opportunity to work as:

  • Residential/commercial plumbers,
  • Industrial or maintenance plumbers, and
  • Independent business owners or contractors.
Earning Potential

Graduates earning the Plumbing Technology Occupational Certificate will enter a field that is predicting a 22% growth rate in Texas over the next ten years. The median salary in 2021 for a plumber starting out in the Gulf Coast region is $54,461, according to texaswages.com.


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Department Chair, Industrial Technology
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