Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Join the Fastest-Growing Industry in the Nation

By pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, most commonly known of as STEM, you’re pursuing a career in one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. San Jacinto College provides a well-rounded balance of fascinating course offerings taught by passionate instructors who inspire students with real-world application in the field. With three campuses in and around Houston and partnerships with area institutions such as the Texas Medical Center, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the Port of Houston and countless other high-tech organizations, San Jacinto College puts world-class, hands-on experience within reach.

Find a Program That Fits Your Needs

We offer three paths for students interested in STEM:

  • For students planning on transferring, the Associate of Science Degree (A.S.) is designed for students who aim to pursue admission to an upper-level college or university and a major in mathematics, science, engineering, computer science or a baccalaureate degree in nursing.

    Students seeking an associate of science degree should take science courses designed for majors rather than courses for non-majors. Science courses designed for allied health students are not intended for academic transfer toward a science major. Students choosing to pursue an associate of science degree should select from among Life Science, Physical Science, Computer Science or Mathematics in order to facilitate easy academic transfer to an upper-level institution.

  • The Technical Degrees & Certificates path sets you up for entry-level STEM jobs and kick-starts your career between 6 months to 2 years depending on the program. Information for degrees and certificates available for the areas of concentration are found in the course catalog.
  • As changing technology becomes a part of almost every occupation in today’s workforce, employers are constantly updating technology needs. The Computer/IT Training division of Continuing and Professional Development (CPD) offers the training and certification needed to keep up with the technological demands of your profession. From fundamental courses that teach basic computer skills and navigation within popular applications to advanced training in programming, San Jacinto College assists you in becoming an asset to your employer.

Enter a High-Demand Job Market

STEM is the fastest growing industry in the nation and earning your degree will lead to well-paid positions and long-lasting careers in a job market that is expected to grow at nearly twice the pace as non-STEM workers. The average income of a STEM career is 26% higher than that of a non-STEM career.

From agriculture and healthcare to engineering and technology, STEM opportunities are everywhere. At San Jacinto College, you’ll find education for rewarding professions in environmental science, biotechnology, chemistry, computer science and more.

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