Teaching is a calling. In this rewarding field, you can learn as much from your students as they learn from you. The AAT degree transfers to Texas public universities and lays the foundation for a Texas teacher certification.




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San Jac students embrace learning opportunities in education

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Gain knowledge/skills to teach reading, writing, math, science, and history for early childhood through sixth grade.

  • 60 credit hours

Choose from history, biology/life science, and English/language arts pathways for teaching grades 7-12.

  • 60 credit hours

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  • Central Campus: 281-476-1867
  • North Campus: 281-459-7635 (Caresal Bolds) or 281-998-6350 ext. 7764 (Jorge Embil)
  • South Campus: 281-998-6350 ext. 3732
  • Generation Park Campus: 281-998-6350 ext. 8102 (some classes, not full program)

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