Vocational Nursing (LVN) Program Information

LVN Nursing

The vocational nursing curriculum includes a combination of class lectures, nursing skills training, and clinical experience in a variety of health care settings. The program is approved by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Board of Nursing. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates may apply to take the State Board Examination. Those students who pass this examination are granted a license by the Texas Board of Nursing to practice as a licensed vocational nurse.

Applicants for the program must meet the requirements for general admission to the College and must also meet the following specific requirements:

  • Be a high school graduate or pass the GED test.
  • Pass the placement test with acceptable scores, and if required, complete needed College Preparatory courses.
  • Have a GPA minimum of 2.25 on college-level coursework.
  • Pass a physical examination.

Effective Jan. 1, 1996, a person who has been convicted of a felony that relates to the duties and responsibilities of a licensed vocational nurse may be disqualified from obtaining licensure as a licensed vocational nurse. (213.28 Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas; Rules and Regulations, September 2004.) These issues are addressed directly to the Texas Board of Nursing by the applicant.

Students who apply for admission and who meet the stated requirements will be selected for admission on the basis of placement test scores, entrance exams, and grades on college-level coursework completed at San Jacinto College District or other accredited institutions of higher education. Applicants who are accepted for admission will be notified via email. Applicants who are not selected for admission to the vocational nursing program for a given term must re-apply for admission if they wish to be considered for admission during a subsequent term; applicants who are accepted for admission, but who do not enroll, must also re-apply.

For detailed information concerning admission requirements, deadlines for submitting applications and related documents, and requirements for completing the program, contact the department of vocational nursing.

BIOL 2301/2101 & BIOL 2302/2102 may be used to meet the anatomy and physiology requirement if taken within 5 years of the student's starting semester.  

The program is a full year of training, including 560 classroom and 864 laboratory/clinical hours. Students completing each of the courses specified in the program with grades of C or above are awarded a certificate of technology.