Safe Supervisor

Achieving an injury-free workplace takes a team effort. Your front-line supervisors interact with more employees on a daily basis and therefore, must understand their role in creating and maintaining a safe work environment. SAF Frontline Training, formerly known as Safe Supervisor, is a 3-day certificate course designed to enhance a front-line supervisor’s understanding of their safety responsibilities.

Upon completion of the course, a supervisor will be able to:

  • Describe how exposure to hazards can lead to accidents
  • Perform a work-site analysis
  • Recognize hazards
  • Determine what potential effects an identified hazard may have
  • Determine what the OSHA regulations state regarding an identified hazard
  • Determine how to control identified hazards
  • Communicate hazard related information to personnel in the field, as well as to those in administrative positions
  • Initiate an accident investigation
  • Understand some of the psychology that drives people to engage in “unsafe” behaviors

CEUs:  2.4

Duration:  24 hours

Cost:  $525 (materials included)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Individuals who are responsible for safety


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