Networking & Security


Prerequisite: A working knowledge of PC applications is required, and some experience using and maintaining PC hardware/software is highly recommended. Note: Textbook or LabSim is required, Flash drive required

Prepare yourself for the  A+ Certification exams.  This course focuses on the A+ exam objectives by the Computing Technology Industry Associate (CompTIA) and is designed for those responsible for the installation, upgrade, repair, configuration, and troubleshooting of PC systems hardware and software.  Participants will demonstrate their ability to diagnose, maintain, and perform minor repairs on PC systems and peripherals.

CEUs 6.4     HRS: 64



Learn to protect yourself and your company against hackers by learning by their tools and techniques, then testing your network to see if it is secure.  This course is heavily focused on the techniques used by attackers to penetrate networks. You will learn the step-by-step processes that hackers use to accesss corporate networks, and what physical, logical, and administrative controls can be used to prevent their attacks.

CEUs 4.0     HRS: 40



Prerequisite: A+ Certification is recommended  Note: Textbook or LabSim required; Flash drive recommended

This 64 hour comprehensive hands-on program will provide the knowledge and skills needed to do basic administration and support duties for a variety of network operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Linux.  You will use racks of equipment to set up real world environments to gain an understanding of the theoretical and practical applications of networking.  This vendor neutral foundation program meets the objectives set forth in the CompTIA Network+ Body of Knowledge.  Completion of this program is a perfect stepping-stone to vendor specific programs such as the MCSE and/or RHCE.

CEUs 6.4      HRS: 64



Note: Textbook Required, flash drive required

This course is a great place to start to learn the basics of networking.  This introductory lecture course surveys fundamental networking concepts and practices.  Examine topics such as network architecture and standards, cabling and topologies, networking protocols, network servers, server-side scripting, database connectivity and security basics.

CEUs 1.6    HRS: 16



ITNW 2051  Prerequisite:  Basic computer skills   Note:  Textbook required; DVD-RW disc required

Learn server fundamentals such as managing Windows Servers (including virtualization) and storage, along with monitoring and troubleshooting servers. This course also covers such topics as essential naming, directory, and print services. Students also learn of popular Windows Network Services and Applications.

CEUs   2.0  HRS: 20



CEUs 4.8    HRS: 48

Use your existing A+ Computer skills knowledge and IT experience to learn the fundamentals of implementing basic security services on all types of computer networks.  Acquire knowledge needed to pass the CompTIA Security + exam. This knowledge includes system security, network infrastructure, access control, assessments and audits, cryptography and organizational security across all vendor products.



Prerequisite:  Basic computer skills    Note:  Textbook required

Learn the vital fundamentals of security such as understanding security layers, authentication, authorization, and accounting.  Become familiar with security policies, network security and protecting the server and client.

CEUs   2.0  HRS: 20



Note: Textbook required, flash drive required

In this course you will learn to install, configure, and manage the Windows 7 operating system.  This course will present the essential tasks of operating system configuration and maintenance and provide hands-on experience.  You will learn the wide variety of tools and techniques that allow administrators in various job settings to perform these essential tasks efficiently.  Finally, you will be prepared to take the MTA exam 98-349.

CEUs 2.0    HRS: 20