The San Jacinto Accounting Specialist Fast Track program exposes students to the basic accounting cycle from the source documents to the post-closing documents including bank procedures, payroll, payroll taxes and cash control. Students will have hands-on experience analyzing, recording, journalizing and posting.

From business and industry to government and education, a foundation in accounting specialist skills serves many different types of organizations and companies.


Dates & Times

June 5-July 26, 2023
Monday & Wednesday
6:00pm – 9:30pm
Textbook Required

Course Topics

  • Understand accounting concepts and procedures
  • Analyze and journalize business transactions (debits and credits)
  • Post to the ledger and prepare the trial balance
  • Prepare a worksheet and the financial statements from the worksheet
  • Post adjusting entries and closing entries
  • Prepare a post-closing trail balance
  • Understand banking procedures and control of cash
  • Calculate pay and payroll taxes
  • Pay, record, and report payroll and payroll taxes



Fast Track


High School Diploma / GED

Salary Information

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