Six Sigma Lean Management Programs

Lean Six Sigma at San Jacinto College provides students with enhanced problem-solving skills. With an emphasis on the DMIAC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) model, students learn the simple and effective waste-reducing tools of “lean” industry practices. Drawing on both quantitative and qualitative methods from Lean and Six Sigma, a Lean Six Sigma Belt is a process facilitator, natural leader, and astute problem--solver who is data-driven, bottom-line, complex thinker who provides project breakthroughs and powering organizational change.

Dates & Times

Summer 2023

Six Sigma Green Belt certification allows students to work on small, carefully defined Six Sigma projects and gain hands-on experience with tools such as process mapping, project scoping, value stream mapping and analysis. A certified Green Belt instructs this course.

The Six Sigma Black Belt training prepares students to solve a wide variety of difficult problems across a spectrum of industries such as transactional, service, manufacturing and healthcare. A certified Black Belt instructs this course.


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Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certifications

  • High School Diploma / GED
  • Black Belt:  Must currently be working in a Project Management role to complete the on-the-job project tracking, review and presentation.

Starting wage of $60+ is for a Yellow/Green belt, which is basically the beginner's level.

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