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This page contains various documents and resources that you will find useful as we work together to address your unique training needs.

Technology Development

Developing Our Course Catalog "Compendium"

Why did we call this document the "Compendium"?  The initial goal was to prepare a course catalog listing all the incumbent worker training we currently have available or could easily develop. However, readily apparent was a need to detail our 35 state-of-the-art labs so you could see all the amazing equipment and resources available for use in training. That need grew into outlining all the learning objectives for credit side courses as that demonstrates the subject-matter-expertise  within CPET from which you can select to build your customized training. Then, of course, we are an NCCER Accredited Training Facility, so we needed to list all the NCCER courses we are currently teaching as you can select from those courses as well. Pretty soon, the document had everything but the kitchen sink. (Oh, wait.....we have some of those as well in our kitchen off the lobby.) So, the "catalog" morphed into an "all-things-CPET" – thus the name "Compendium". 

Bottom line: While we are developing "off-the-shelf" courses, our primary focus is to provide training customized to the unique needs of your company. So, use the information below as food for thought, but contact us for information if you don't see below what you need.