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Process Safety Certificate Program

CPET is excited to announce the development of the Process Safety Certificate Program which will promote the ownership of process safety at all levels of operations.


The Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center (MKOPSC) at Texas A&M University and the LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology (CPET) at San Jacinto College are taking initiatives to develop a process safety training program for workers in the chemical and energy industries.  The program will target operators, supervisors, and engineers with four courses designed to provide a thorough knowledge base that is balanced with hands-on, real world applications and practice.  Upon completion of the four  courses, a trainee will receive a Process Safety Continuing Education Certificate from San Jacinto College.


Content for the four courses is currently in development via a collaboration of MKOPSC, CPET, and subject matter experts participating through the Texas Chemical Council Safety Committee.  Leadership and oversight is provided by the Steering Team composed on representatives from MKOPSC, CPET, and Texas Chemical Council.


Each of the four courses will provide 48 hours of instruction over three months delivered in a hybrid format consisting of:

  • 24 hours of online content containing lecture and study materials prepared by the Texas A&M MKOPSC.
  • 24 hours (one 8-hour day/month) completing hands-on, work-based learning in the CPET state-of-the-art facilities.

The first course, Intro to Process Safety, is a pre-requisite to the other courses;  however, registrants can choose to take just the course or multiple courses as suits their needs.


Course                              $1200/course

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Introduction to Process Safety                              (Click here for course description.)

May 24, 2021.

Lab dates: TBD

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Introduction to Risk Management                     (click here for course description)

August 2021


Fire Protection and Emergency Response         (click here for course description)

January 2022


Industrial Safety and Technical Fundamentals        (click here for course description)

January 2022



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