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The STEM Council

STEM Council
The STEM Council at San Jacinto College strives to increase awareness of education and career opportunities related to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The Council sponsors STEM activities throughout the College and the region, as Houston ranks among the top ten cities for STEM careers. The Council works with community members to promote the STEM fields, while forging strong partnerships with universities and industries for further education and workforce training.
What have we been up to?

2018 has been a very busy year in STEM at San Jacinto College, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Our students have interned at some of the nation's leading institutions; we've hosted STEM Expos to introduce STEM to more than 7,000 K-12 students; and we've sent students to NASA. The STEM fields and areas of study affect just about every career path. If you're looking to transfer or studying a trade to enter the workforce, studying a STEM subject is sure to give you an advantage above the rest!


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Welder turned physicist fuses technical and academic education

Taylor Carnahan is a welder turned physicist, and she has a message for anyone pursuing a college education. Do what you love.

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From sandblasting to nanoscience, one graduate’s journey from San Jac to Duke

Less than 10 years ago, Dr. Christopher Reyes was a painter and sandblaster. Today, he’s a Duke University graduate working to inspire others to take a chance on themselves.

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Houston’s largest tech meeting scheduled for Sept. 29

San Jacinto College will host TechFest 2018, Houston’s largest tech gathering, on Saturday, Sept. 29.

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