Education, Equity, & Excellence


Welcome to The Office of Education, Equity, and Excellence. In this program, trained faculty, staff, and students serve as mentors offering guidance, encouragement, and support to San Jac students of differing and varying backgrounds, abilities, and cultures. Above all, the program celebrates the diversity of ideas and cultures.

Through E3, San Jac students will gain a sense of community that will increase the chances of achieving both their academic and life goals.

Each semester E3 plans and hosts various educational and social enrichment activities, meetings, guest speakers’ forums, and community involvement ventures. Through these activities, E3 students are given a safe place to discuss and learn about life, school, barriers, goals and any and everything in between. Education, Equity, & Excellence will equip its program participants with leadership, a sense of belonging, sister and brotherhood, and a growth towards fulfilling a life purpose.

Vision: The Office of Education, Equity, & Excellence will be known for advancing equity and understanding among students, faculty, and staff and for providing intentional student-centered support.

Mission: The Office of Education, Equity, & Excellence is focused on student success and enriching the quality of life of our students.