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New Student Organizations

Students or faculty/staff who are interested in starting a new student organization are encouraged to stop by the Office of Student Engagement & Activities to discuss your proposal; you may find that your interest was previously an active organization. As a result, all you will have to do is reactivate the organization. If your interest has not previously been an active organization, the following guidelines apply to create a new organization:

  • A minimum of five currently enrolled students who desire membership

  • Complete a new club request form

  • Turn in the application with a constitution or a statement of purpose consistent with the aims of the college, the criteria for membership, and the names, addresses and phone numbers of its officers and/or members

  • Organizations are required to have faculty/staff advisor(s). If students have difficulty finding an advisor, the Coordinator of Student Engagement & Activities will assist in selecting one. The name and office number of the organization’s advisor(s) is to be submitted with the application.

  • New organizations are required to submit a constitution to the Coordinator of Student Engagement & Activities within sixty days of completing the registration process. The Coordinator of Student Engagement & Activities has final approval of all constitutions. 

  • A sample constitution can be found HERE.

  • The Coordinator of Student Engagement & Activities and the Dean of Student Development will confirm or deny registration within thirty days of receiving the completed registration documents. The organization and the Office of Student Engagement & Activities keep copies of the approved applications as verification of official registration.


Student Organization Handbook 2020-2021 (Printable PDF)


COVID-19 Operations Addendum for Student Organizations


As we all face the current COVID-19 Pandemic, The San Jacinto College Student Engagement and Activities Office strived to facilitate meaningful social development and opportunities to learn and engage with others outside of class in ways that are safe and accessible. To this end, the following procedures and expectations will remain in-place until the college resumes normal operations. Please note that our current pandemic situation is fluid and dynamic. These guidelines car subject to change as the college revises and alters its response to COVID-19 in accordance with many different factors. Any updates to this manual or addendum will be sent to our Student Organization Advisors for dissemination to all student members.

Paperwork, Training's and Registration

We have been able to ensure that the entire Organization registration process can be completed online. Paperwork can be submitted as an online form, training's have now been moved to a fully online format, and constitutions can be sent via email to the Student Engagement and Activities Office.

Meetings and Events

Only online/virtual meetings and events will be approved until further notice. In addition to Zoom, there are a number of effective, easy, and free platforms to meet, communicate, and interact with your members. Please reach out to SEA if you have questions or need guidance on developing your strategy to meet online.


No college sponsored travel, including Student Organization Travel, will be approved until further notice. SEA will update all currently registered organization as there are updates to club travel permissions.

Funding and Purchases

Due to additional layers of approval required for purchases using college funds, there may be further limits on what organizations may be able to use allocated funds for. If you requested allocated funds for FY 2020-2021, please be aware that any use of college funds will be reviewed by additional levels of leadership and may be subject to additional questions or requests for more information. As a result please allow at least an extra week from the standard two-week lead time for purchase requests.

Additionally, if your organization is ordering items to be delivered to a person’s private residence (regardless of funding source), the purchasing office must approve the transaction. In order to do this, please let us know why the item must be shipped to a private address, who is taking delivery of the items, and how possession of the items will be given to the intended parties for their intended purpose.


Please notify your SEA Office to make arrangements if you have money to be deposited into your agency account. Depending on business office operations, you may need to make specific arrangements for the deposit.