Jury Exams in applied music are the equivalent of a final examination in academic courses.  They are an extremely important indicator of your achievement, desire to improve, and potential to be successful in a career in music.  Your jury performance will affect your final grade in applied music.  Please see your instructor’s syllabus for specific details.

San Jacinto College Central follows the same requirements as the four-year schools when it comes to Jury Exams for Music Majors.  All Music Majors are expected to perform a Jury Exam each semester.  Your private lesson instructor as defined in the course syllabus will determine the repertoire and technical skills.

  • Students will sign up at the front desk
  • Students are to be ready 20 minutes prior to their assigned time
  • Students are expected to wear appropriate attire

In order to properly prepare for your Jury Exam students are advised to perform on more than one Colloquium/Recital during the semester.

Repertoire Requirements:  Repertoire for the jury exam is to be determined by each applied area – keyboard, vocal, instrumental, composition, etc. A complete repertoire sheet (available from the applied instructor) is to be completed and brought to the jury. No student will be allowed to perform a jury unless the repertoire sheet, signed by the applied instructor, is in the hands of the jury prior to the student’s performance.

Dress:  Juries are an important formal assessment of a student’s work during the semester. Students should dress appropriately. While suits and ties are not mandatory, slacks and neatly pressed shirts for men and slacks and blouses or dresses for women are expected. Dress shoes (no sandals, flip-flops, tennis shoes, etc.) should be worn. Students who are inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to perform their jury.

Grading Procedure:  Students will receive a letter grade and a written critique from each jury member. These grades will be averaged and the results forwarded to the appropriate applied instructor. Incompletes earned in applied music must be made up during the first four weeks of the following semester.