Monte Blue Music Building Policies and Procedures

MBMB, building 5 on San Jacinto College Central campus, is your building. It was designed and built to facilitate your education.  Please take pride in it and treat it with respect.  Keep it clean.  Keep it secure.

This is a NON Smoking Facility. Students must adhere to the one location smoking policy of the college. The only designated smoking area is outside the center / south doors.  All faculty and students are asked to enforce this regulation.  Failure to abide by this request will result in soliciting the police to issue a citation and /or expel you from the area.

There will be NO food, drink, or smoking in the classrooms, practice rooms, recital hall, computer lab, piano lab, or library.  Food must be confined to the lounge area. Please keep the lounge area clean. Do not remove chairs or tables from the lounge. Please report problems to the front desk.

During business hours, students are requested to congregate in the lounge rather than the lobby if possible.  Please remember that classes are in session and you will be asked to leave the area if you are too loud.

There will be no posting of notices, fliers, or posters on the walls in the hallways, outside classrooms or on the exterior doors.  All postings must be approved by the front desk and will be confined to the bulletin boards or instructor doors.

All rooms are to be locked at all times.  Instructors are to lock each classroom as they leave with their class.  The next arriving instructor should unlock the door for the next class in order to enter.  Students are asked to assist in reporting unlocked doors to the front desk.

Students should not move furniture such as desks, chairs, pianos, music stands, and other equipment from their location unless authorized by an instructor. These items should be returned to their place of origin promptly after being used.

Makeup exams will be given in the testing center or as arranged by the instructor. Student Monitors will not give makeup exams.

Students may not make copies in the faculty workroom. The copier is for faculty/instructional use only.