1. Dress appropriately.  Women:  Nice dress, pants suit, or dress ensemble.  Make-up is appropriate and will give the face expression. (No formals for day performance).  Men: A suit, sport coat, slacks and tie for Colloquium, evening performance and auditions.  Slacks and a nice shirt will suffice for lab.  NO shorts or sandals allowed.
  2. Be sure that your accompanist has your music, that you have rehearsed, and that she knows the order of your selection.
  3. The soloist enters first, followed by the accompanist, and then by the page-turner (if there is one).  This is also the order in which you will exit the stage.
  4. As you enter the stage, walk directly to where you will stand. (Do not walk behind the piano). Stand no further than an arm’s length from the piano in the curve of the piano.
  5. Acknowledge the applause from the audience.
  6. If there is no program you must announce your music – title and composer – in a slow, well- projected voice.
  7. Once you feel calm and settled, you should signal the accompanist (with a pre-arranged signal) that you are ready to begin.
  8. Perform your selection.  Do not move until the last note of the accompaniment has been played.
  9. Accept the applause.  A small bow is the appropriate means. (Don’t overdo it!).  Acknowledge your accompanist. In a recital setting you and your accompanist will acknowledge applause together AFTER you have accepted it first.
  10. Leave the stage briskly.  (Remember that your accompanist will follow you).