Practice Rooms C-5.123a-l

Students are to practice in the Practice Suite – not in the hallways, corridors, lounge, or classrooms. The Percussion Room C-5.110 is for ensemble rehearsals, lessons and practice times as assigned.  (There will be limited key access to the percussion room and band hall – check with the front desk).

The practice rooms are offered for your convenience. It is expected that students will take responsibility for the care of each room and the equipment in it, including the piano. Anyone caught vandalizing school property will be expelled from San Jacinto College as stated in the student handbook.

All practice rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis based on the following rules:

  1. If the practice room is vacated for more than 10 minutes, another student
    may use it.
  2. Smoking, food, or drinks are NOT allowed.
  3. Personal items – instruments, metronomes, books, purses, cell phones, computers, etc.,
    should NOT be left unattended.
  4. Practice rooms are frequently monitored – personal belongings left in rooms
    will be discarded.
  5. Furniture should not be moved from one room to another. This includes:
    pianos, benches, chairs, and music stands.
  6. Practice rooms are to be used ONLY by students enrolled at SJC. All other
    use should be reported to the Department Chair or front desk of MBB.

NOTE: These are your rooms—take very good care of them!