Students at SJCC are extremely fortunate to have access to an excellent accompanist in Dr. Sarah Spencer (C-5.143).  Before you perform on a recital, it is very important that you consult with your accompanist.  Music must be provided to the accompanist at least one week in advance.  Please understand that the SJCC Music Department desires to maintain the highest possible performance standards, and your performance is a collaboration with the accompanist.

Accompanying for other outside performances, such as student recitals, will be the cost of the student.

The following steps are the students’ responsibility:

  1. Notify the accompanist of the performance date. This is done before you sign up at the front desk.
  2. Give the accompanist a copy of the music to be performed at least one week in advance.
  3. Set a time to rehearse the music prior to the performance, working within the accompanist’s schedule.
  4. Notify the accompanist if a change of date for performance should arise.

NOTE: The recital program will be finalized Monday at 12:00 noon.  Dr. Spencer will check the program and those that have not followed the above procedures will not be allowed to perform.