Private Lessons and Secondary Applied Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons in music are courses like any other. There is a tuition cost, a lab fee, homework, a jury, and a grade for each semester studied. To obtain a CRN to register for a private lesson, contact the Department Chair (281-476-1831) or the front desk (281-476-1832) of the Monte Blue Music Building for the correct MUAP (MUSI for composition) number and CRN.

Private lessons are offered in piano, organ, voice, percussion, guitar, bass and all orchestral, brass and wind instruments. In addition, class piano, class percussion, class voice, and class guitar are offered. Private lessons are available to both music majors and enrolled students by calling the Music Office at 281-476-1832 prior to the first day of class.

Scheduling lessons: Once registered and paid for a MUAP course, the student's name is sent to the private lesson instructor, who will then contact the student to schedule their weekly lesson.  All lessons will begin the first full week of classes. Your private lesson teacher will give a first day handout to explain their attendance policy and other requirements for the course.

Practice: Gaining proficiency on your major instrument is one of the most important skills you must develop throughout your course of study. Practice rooms (C-5.123a-l) are available in the southwest practice room suite of MBMB. Daily practice is expected. Your applied instructor will provide specific repertoire and practice requirements.

Applied Lesson Attendance: Applied lessons will not be rescheduled to accommodate personal appointments, problems, etc. Instructors are not required to make up lessons simply because you do not make your appointed time. Excessive absences will result in the student being dropped from the course. Instructors will make up lessons that they cancel due to non-college conflicts. Lessons falling on San Jacinto College Holidays may also be made up at the professor’s discretion.

Occasionally music students will be excused from classes for approved performances and field experiences. Although excused from attending, the student is not excused from making up any work missed. It is the student’s responsibility to notify all instructors (especially the music faculty) in advance and inquire about work that will be missed and the procedure for satisfactory makeup.

Secondary Applied Lessons

Occasionally music majors may take applied lessons on secondary instruments. These must be 1-credit (30 minute) lessons and the student must receive permission from the Department Chair as well as the applied instructor before enrolling.