Please note the following guidelines that govern your recital performance:

  1. All music majors are required to perform on at least ONE recital each semester.
  2. Students must sign up in advance for recitals at the front desk by recording their name, the title(s), composer(s), and timing of all works in their performance.  This information must be on record by 12:00 noon the Monday before the recital.  Incomplete entries will be dropped from the program.
  3. The student, applied instructor, and accompanist should determine the recital date.
  4. Dress rehearsals in the recital hall must be scheduled around regularly scheduled activities, i.e. rehearsals, classes, performance labs, etc.
  5. If you are unable to perform on the day you requested, please notify the front desk as soon as possible. If you cancel your performance, you may not be allowed to reschedule unless there is a vacant slot.  Check with the front desk to sign up.
  6. Student performers are expected to abide by the standard rules of performance Etiquette.  Please see section titled Performance Etiquette.
  7. Students should warm up before they come backstage, as the backstage area is small and live. Talking should be kept to a whisper.
  8.  There will be a stage manager for the recitals. Please let him/her know if you need a stand or a chair. Performers should not move furniture before playing.

The student audience will respect the performers by turning off all cell phones and pagers and avoid talking during the recital.  Audience members should not enter during a performance but wait to enter until the applause.

Receptions: Students performing recitals will be greeted in the front lobby immediately after the recital.  Students wishing to provide refreshments may do so with the permission of the applied instructor, but must keep it simple: NO alcohol.

Hall Management: It is the student’s responsibility to secure a stage manager and personnel to pass out programs. These people should be appropriately dressed and arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before the recital. Following the conclusion of the program the hall must be locked, the piano locked and covered, and the lights turned off. Your applied instructor is responsible for helping you secure the building.

Recording:  Students will need to make arrangements for their own recitals and concerts to be recorded. Students are not allowed to record concerts they are not part of without permission.

Photography: Please arrange to have all photos taken before or after the program. Photography is distracting to the performers and the audience and will NOT be allowed during any performance.