When attending concerts, certain behavioral conventions are expected. By following these guidelines, you encourage such behavior among your peers and you contribute to a climate more conducive to the enjoyment performance.

  1. Do not enter or leave during a musical selection. If you arrive late, wait until the end of the selection before you take your seat. This usually means waiting until the audience responds with applause.
  2. It is generally accepted that applause does not interrupt a multi-movement musical selection or a selection of pieces clearly grouped together in the program.
  3. Talking during a performance exhibits bad manners and is to be avoided at all times. The foyer of the Corbin Recital Hall is fully integrated into the performance space. Even whispers in the foyer can be distracting to the audience. Please be courteous in that regard.
  4. Sleeping, studying, or other activities, which indicate disregard for the performer(s) are not appropriate.
  5. Arrive on time and stay until the end of the concert. This is necessary for concert attendance credit and is appropriate behavior.
  6. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed and should be turned off  when attending any concert / recital.