Music and Audio Engineering Faculty & Mission Statement

Music and Audio Engineering Faculty 

The Faculty at the Monte Blue Music Building represents a rich and varied background of education, experience, and interests. Our instructors are professionals who remain active as performers, conductors, clinicians, adjudicators, and teachers on the local, state, national, and global arena. Students and faculty perform regularly in recitals and concerts and guest artists frequently present workshops on campus. The Department of Music and Audio Engineering maintains an annual series of outstanding performances, clinics, seminars, master classes, and festivals throughout the year.

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Lynne Brandt

Department Chair, Music & Audio Engineering

B.M., Texas Christian University
M.M., University of North Texas



Angela Beyer

Audio Engineering / MIDI

B.M., Southwest Texas State University

M.A., Middlesex University, SAE


Ext. 2146

Dr. Patrick Callaghan

Choir / Core / Class Piano  

B.M.E., University of Wisconsin – River Falls
M.M., Northern Arizona University
D.M.A., University of Kentucky

Ext. 1386

Michael Mizma

Percussion / MIDI / Music Business

B.M., State University College of New York at Potsdam
M.M., University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


Ext. 1228

Joseph Schenck

Composition / Theory / Core

B.M., University of Tulsa
M.M., University of Houston


Ext. 1382

Graham Tobin

Jazz Ensemble / Wind Ensemble / Woodwinds / Music Fundamentals


Ext. 1373

Jordan Tucker

Theory / Composition / Horn / Piano / Trumpet / Class Piano

B.M., Baylor University
M.M., Baylor University


Ext. 1241

Les Williams

Audio Engineering

B.M., University of Houston


Ext. 1890

Lance Laster

Low Brass / Core

B.M., University of Houston
M.M., Temple University

Ext. 1832

Nathan Mays

                     Core                    B.M., Sam Houston State University                           M.M., Texas State University

Ext. 1832

Howard McMichael

Low Brass / Core

B.M., University of Houston   M. M., Stephen F. Austin State University                               

Ext. 1832

Janel Mercado

Voice / Core

Ext. 1832

Gregory Petito

Guitar / Class Guitar

B.M., University of North Texas

M.M., Northern Illinois University

Ext. 1832

Candido Resendez

Live Sound

Ext. 1832



Dr. Jolie Rocke


B.M.E., University of Hartford M.M., Loyola College       D.M.A., University of Connecticut                             Ext. 1832


William Stephens


Ext. 1832



Dr. Steven Termini

Piano / Class Piano

B.M., University of Texas  M.M. California Institute of the Arts                             Ph.D. Royal Academy of Music                                 Ext. 1832



Jesse Tingle


B.M., University of Louisiana
M.M., Stephen F. Austin State University

Ext. 1832



Sarah Watson


B.M., Gordon College
M.M., Longy School of Music, Bard College

Ext. 1832



Anne Heath-Welch



Ext. 1832



Erin Wright



Ext. 1832



Dr. Yi Zhang

Class Piano / Piano

B.M., Lynn University
M.M., University of Houston
D.M.A., University of Houston

Ext. 1832

Timothy Kochen

Sr. Administrative Assistant




Mission Statement 

The Department of Music and Audio Engineering seeks to foster passion for the study, performance, and recording of music as a dynamic art form, discipline and avenue of personal expression.  We are committed to engaging students in the music major program of study, the audio engineering program, private lesson instruction and musical enrichment for the general student.  We will respect and nurture our students’ individual talents while guaranteeing them our professional support during their study at our institution.  Our success is evidenced by students transferring to professional music schools or senior institutions, placement in professional positions within educational systems, churches and the recording industry.  An appreciation of the value of music is further evident by their continued participation and support of the arts.