Campus Carry Task Force Members

Campus Carry Task Force Members

Team Leader: Chief Bruce Caldwell

 Team Sponsor: Chet Lewis, Vice Chancellor, Fiscal Affairs

 Team Members:

1.      Teri Crawford, Vice Chancellor, Marketing, PR, and Government Affairs, College-Wide

2.      Jerusha Kasch, Director, Emergency Management

3.      Norma Gonzalez, SGA Representative North Campus

4.      Rebekkah Aguilar, SGA Representative Central Campus

5.      Wilfred Alequin-Perea, SGA Representative South Campus

6.      Pamela Campbell, Dual Credit Representative

7.      Debra Clarke, Program Director, Eye Care Technology, Central Campus

8.      Lamar McWaine, Professor Learning Frameworks, North Campus

9.      Ali Shah, Professor, Emergency Medical Technician, North Campus

10.  Abigail Payne, Professor, Math, South Campus

11.  Janice DiFalco, Professor, Associate Degree Nursing, Central Campus

12.  Imelda Umansor, Financial Aid Specialist, South Campus

13.  Jahmal Clemons, Social Media Coordinator, College-Wide

14.  Merrily Hoffman, Professor, Accounting/Business, Central Campus

15.  Steven Pena, Professor, Philosophy, Central Campus

16.  Amy Austin, President, Faculty Organization

17.  David Lemaster, President Elect, Faculty Organization

18.  Angela Perkins, Chair, Staff Organization

19.  Karen Blankenship, Library Director, Central Campus

20.  Joseph Hebert, Dean, Administration, South Campus

21.  Jerrel Wade, Dean, Administration, North Campus

22.  James Braswell, Dean, Administration, Central Campus

23.  Ron Johnston, Police Lieutenant

24.  Dan Masera, Police Sergeant

25.  Amanda Fenwick, Vice President, Marketing & PR, College-Wide

26.  Danessa Trahan, Compliance Officer, Compliance and Judicial Affairs

27.  Sonia Townsend, Director EPC, North

28.  Amanda Rose, Coordinator Student Engagement and Activities

29.  Marco Lozano, Senior Research Analyst, Institutional Research & Effective

30.  John Stauffer, Associate Vice Chancellor Maritime

31.  Kelly Saenz, Professor/Softball Coach, PE, South Campus

32.  Becky Shuttlesworth, Coordinator, Simulation Lab, South Campus

33.  Brianne Crumpler, Professor, Criminal Justice, North Campus

34.  David Ray, Professor, Government, South Campus