Police Services

police office with students

Report Emergencies:

From campus phones: 5555
From cell phones: 281-476-9128
Hearing Impaired phone number for text messages: 713-469-1071

You can find the College Police Department in the student center on each campus. The officers are here for you, whenever you need them, so if you have any questions regarding rules, regulations, laws or related concerns, don't hesitate to call or come by. Here are a few of the many ways we can help:

Police escort

If you ever feel uneasy about walking to your vehicle or to another building, perhaps because it's late and you're alone, don't hesitate to call the police on your campus. They will gladly escort you.

Motorist assistance

Having trouble starting your car? Or did you accidentally lock your keys inside? We've all been there. That's why all San Jac patrol vehicles are equipped with jumper cables to start dead batteries, and tools to unlock vehicles. Officers can even help you add air to your tires. Keep in mind though, while they're happy to lend a hand, more serious calls will always take precedence.

Emergency information

When we say that San Jacinto College wants to help you be successful in every way, our commitment extends to worst-case scenarios. That's why we recommend you carry an emergency information card. If you suffered a severe injury or sudden illness, and we couldn't communicate with you, this card could be critical in getting you the help you need. Ideally the card would include:

  • The name and number of an emergency contact
  • Your doctor and hospital contact information
  • Any information on existing medical conditions

Keep in mind that San Jacinto College is not liable for any medical aid rendered, and all services provided will be at your expense.

Student identification

You should have identification with you at all times. State law gives us the authority to remove individuals who don't have an apparent reason to be on campus, which helps us protect the wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff. So just be sure to keep your student ID with you to avoid any question.


Obtaining a parking permit

Parking Permit Application

A parking permit is required for all student vehicles. Permits are valid for all campuses. Each student is entitled to one free permit.

The parking permit application must be submitted in person at your campus business office, and any fees must be paid at a campus Business Office.