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About the Library

Our Library's Mission

The mission of the library is to work in concert with the faculty to help educate students so that they may effectively locate, evaluate and use the information they need in their academic studies and as lifelong learners.

In support of the overarching goal of teaching information literacy, the library will build and maintain a quality collection of both up-to-date print and on-line resources, continue to support the accessibility needs of students, provide training and equitable access to those resources for distance learning students either at extension centers or at more remote locations; and to support the professional needs of college employees, both faculty and staff.

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North Campus Library Staff

  • Lyn Garner, MA, MS
    Library Director
    Office N14.1209
    (281) 998-6150 x7218,
    Reference x7238

  • Mary Murillo
    Sr Admin Asst, Director's Office
    Office N14.210
    (281) 459-7116

  • Chad Clark, MLIS
    Library Supervisor, Evening
    Office N14.228
    (281) 998-6150 x7350,
    Reference x7238

  • Karyn Jones, MSIS
    Reference Librarian, ILL
    Office N14.229
    (281) 998-6150 x7359,
    Reference x7238


Central Campus Library Staff


South Campus Library Staff


District Wide Library Staff
Offices maintained at the Central Campus