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Joe has been a tutor at San Jacinto College since 2011, and he can help students with physics, chemistry, economics, accounting, and college-level math courses ranging from pre-algebra to differential equations. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Business Finance. Joe has real world experience in both engineering and finance, and he is on the way to obtaining his Professional Engineering license. Joe also has past licenses for stocks, commodities, and bonds.






Jose is a math, physics, and chemistry techie. He likes to tinker with computers and software. Jose is currently an undergrad student studying Petroleum Engineering at the University of Houston.



Jacob is a Music major who tutors English at the SSC. This focus is mutually beneficial to Jacob. He explained on one occasion that "obtaining and maintaining knowledge on the subject is vital in the music world. Tutoring is also exceptionally enjoyable, especially when I get to read essays with interesting topics." Jacob did not start out as a legible writer. In fact, he retook the English STAAR test 5 times before graduating high school. However, after a lot of work, tenacity, and perseverance, Jacob rose up the ranks in his English courses here at San Jac, receiving exceptional merit in the field. This eventually led to Jacob receiving a position tutoring the subject he once could not understand. Now, he is grateful for the opportunity to share the knowledge he obtained from all his English courses. Jacob enthusiastically helps those with hardships similar to his own. 



Jason is currently working on his Associate's Degree in History at San Jac Central. He works in the Central campus library as a history and writing tutor. After receiving his bachelor's, Jason wants to pursue teaching U.S. History at the high school level along with coaching Track and Field. When not on the clock, you can usually find him outside or in the game room shooting pool, most likely complaining about something or other. Jason enjoys scary movies and metal music. Don't be afraid to approach him even if he seems exhausted or dead to the world; that's his natural form.


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