Natural gas leaks, with an odor in the building, may occur and may bring danger of fire and/or explosion. Natural gas rises and will often be outside because most gas lines are outside of a building. Utility supplied natural gas is mixed with an odorant to ease in detection.


If you smell gas inside or outside a building:
  • Contact Campus Police immediately at 281-476-9128 or 5555 from a campus phone.
  • Evacuate to a safe area if advised to do so by the emergency responders.
  • If the odor of gas is faint, open windows and doors and evacuate.
  • If the odor of gas is significant, evacuate the building to a safe area.
  • Move upwind from any smell of gas.
  • If person(s) are unconscious, do not enter the area, but wait for emergency personnel.
  • All statements to media sources are made through the Public Information Office.