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Faculty Information

Blackboard and the Library

The library has its own tab, embedded into every student's page!

Embed a Librarian

About this program: Did you know you can insert contact information for your campus librarian into your course's blackboard page? This allows students to get in touch with a librarian who is particularly familiar with your assignments and expectations.

Simply contact the librarian of your choice to make arrangements for the Embed a Librarian Program

Instructions: How to Embed a Librarian in your course's Blackboard page

Copyright Questions? Who To Contact

  • Questions regarding library resources and how to link to library databases should be directed to your Campus Librarians.
  • Questions regarding review of your course content for copyright violations and copyright licensing agreements owned by San Jacinto College should be directed to EDTech.
  • All other questions can be directed to either your Campus Librarians-OR-EDTech.

Permalinks: Linking to Library Resources

Permalinks can be used in blackboard to link to library resources. The tutorials below can guide you in the proper posting of these links. Please follow the models below to ensure off campus access for your students.

Instructional Copyright: Helpful Links

San Jacinto College Copyright Procedures

What we do

Your library has the ability to create library research guides customized to your course. These guides contain useful information for your students which includes book, database and online resource suggestions, search techniques, information on plagiarism, citation information and much more.

Who to contact

Interested in having a course guide made up for your course? Speak with the librarian assigned to course's instruction session or contact the reference department at your campus library.

About Reserves

All faculty members have the ability to put textbooks, videos and other course support materials on reserve at the library. This is an especially advantageous service for students with limited funds.

Who to Contact

North Campus | Richard Cuellar | (281) 459-7116 |

Central Campus | Carolyn Riddle | (281) 476-1850 |

South Campus | Lydia Miranda | (281) 998-6150 x3302 |

What we do

Your campus librarians are available for library instruction tailored to your course throughout the year.

Our library instruction sessions range from a first time tour of the library to in-depth research tutorials.

Who to Contact

North Campus | Chad Clark or Karyn Jones | (281) 459-7116 | or

Central Campus | John Brower | (281) 476-1850 |

South Campus | Larry Gainor | (281) 998-6150 x3306 |

When to Schedule your Instruction Session

Instruction sessions are always more effective when in context to a particular assignment or course activity. A good rule of thumb is to schedule your class 2 to 4 weeks before your assignment is due.

Be sure to hand out your assignment to your students before your instruction session.

What to do before your session

Schedule your class: Always be sure to set up an instruction session with the campus contact listed above before you bring your class to the library. Space is limited; we suggest you make arrangements with us before the semester begins or during its first week.

Give us your Syllabus or Assignment: This information will help us tailor our instruction to your class.

Contact your Instructor: Please feel free to contact your course's library instructor before your class's session with any questions, concerns or special requests. We are here to support you!