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Experiential Learning

Career Services is committed to assisting faculty, employers, and community partners in developing quality experiential learning opportunities for students that enrich and expand their learning, and promote the integration of theory and practice.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.


We are eager to support faculty members interested in sponsoring internships or incorporating other forms of experiential learning into their curriculum.

By working with Career Services, the time and effort required to help your students locate an internship, or turn an internship into a job offer, can be reduced while still maintaining high-quality programs based on national best practices. Career Services serves as the central point of contact between faculty members, organizations, and students.

Career Professional Days

In partnership with departments and divisions, Career Services can arrange site visits to industry partner locations to expose students to work environments and job opportunities in their field of interest.  Students will have the opportunity to meet with and speak to professionals working in the field to learn about their jobs, career and academic backgrounds, career path, what a typical day looks like, and gain valuable industry insight.