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Student Employee Experience (SEE)

If you are employed by San Jacinto College in a part-time or work-study position and are a current student, the Student Employee Experience (SEE) is for you! It is designed to complement students' on-campus employment experience by providing opportunities to enhance your skill set and leadership potential. The aim is to intentionally promote student's growth so you can excel in the student workforce and in your future career.

Benefits of Participating

SEE gives you the chance to attend free professional development workshops and/or career events on a variety of topics related to personal and professional growth. Here are some of the benefits of participating:

  1. Grow your communication, time management, and stress management skills
  2. Go beyond part-time responsibilities and utilize this as a personal and professional development opportunity
  3. Find meaningful connections between your student job and your career goals

Minimum Requirements

As a student employee, you are required to attend two (2) workshops per academic semester, including your orientation workshop.

Certification Requirements

  • Attendance at events and workshops totaling at least 35 points. See Student Employment Experience: Passport to Career Success for a list of qualifying events and workshops.

When you complete the SEE certification requirements, you will:

  1. Receive a framed certificate of completion
  2. Be able to list “Student Employee Experience Certification” on your resume
  3. Receive a letter of reference from the Dean of Student Development.

In addition, for every event/workshop you attend, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a grand prize!

How do I participate?

Participation is free! If you plan to attend a workshop during your regularly scheduled work shift, you will need permission from your leader to determine if it will count as work time.

To earn credit for attending a workshop and/or event, you must register by logging into San Jac Works and clicking "Events" then "Workshops"  on the left-hand side. If you have any questions, please contact

  • New users, click HERE to register.
  • Existing users, click HERE.